Are Women a Different Species?


I have always wondered what is “it” which makes a man/boy rape? What is that ‘switch’ which transforms him from a human into a savage, which makes him take the risk of jail, take the risk of social banishment? Makes him commit a crime which is no less than cannibalism.

Does he have a fetish for breasts and curves of a female figure? But if this were so, why baby girls, some as young as a newborn, are raped. Forget about their breasts, even their vital organs are not fully developed. Is this the ‘young-things’ which attract him. But if this were so then there would not have been cases of women in their 80s and 90s getting raped. Does he rape because he is not disciplined not well-educated or perhaps unemployed? But if this were so, then Human Rights Watch would not have screamed about innumerable number of rapes by the Uniform; Offices would not have felt the need to create a sexual harassment cell .

Is Rape an act of vengeance for him, a tool to teach woman a lesson? But if that is the case then why newspapers are ripe with the sensational stories of father raping his own daughter, son lusting over his mother. Is this the short skirt or her voluptuous cleavage which entices him, which makes him forget his ‘manners’ and fulfill his manhood? But if such is the case then why so many cases of rapes in countries where women Iive in those cloth-cages, why a woman draped in a six-metre cloth or enclosed in sacred habit of nun is raped. Is this the female body which is the root of all evil, which makes the beast in a man go out of control and instigate him to rape anybody female? But if this were so, why there are cases of young boys getting sodomized in schools and churches. Are Rapes a sign of ‘Kalyug’ and the moral bankruptcy of the present world? But if that were so, then there wouldn’t have been Rg Veda Hymns revering Indra for raping Usha, the goddess of dawn, and crushing her pride. And Lord Rama would not have asked Sita to go through agnipariksha.

For a woman, the idea of taking the role of a rapist to punish others is non-existent. That is why even if a wicked woman takes out her grudge on her neighbor’s child, she may strangulate him, or cut him into pieces, but she would not sexually assault him. Yes, there are cases when women too have become party to this heinous crime, but statistically they can be dismissed as anomalies. At the same time, I am not saying every man out there is rapist — not all of them. But how many of them are able to control that basic instinct successfully – our safety rest on that. As per a figure, in India, one woman every 15-20 minutes is getting raped.

The issue is much bigger than a simple ‘urge’. Perhaps, we, women, are a different species. We have learnt to control our sexuality, learnt to control our dreams, learnt to talk less in public, learnt to behave civil. We are more civilized, dignified and more evolved than them. While they, men, are  still living in that stone-age. They are still savage. They are altogether a different species.

Though they learn to behave appropriately outwardly, but inherently they are still barbaric. May be this is what someone meant when he said, “boys will be boys”. For them Rape is an act of victory, an act of ownership, an act of boasting, an act of happiness, an act of enjoyment, an act of scoring. May be that’s why when Germany beats Brazil in World Cup, the victory is translated as ‘raping Brazil’. If only, socialization process had stressed on men, and not women, for controlling their sexuality, such gender crimes would not have become a medium of showcasing their masculinity.

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