Beauty is not Skin-deep

One of the irony of Acid attack cases is that victim ultimately becomes the culprit. In our zest for everything ‘perfect’ and ‘appealing’ we end up directing our disgust and contempt towards the victims instead of actual culprit. So obsessed we are with the idea of beauty that the sight of a disfigured face evokes the emotions of horror and shock instead of sympathy or empathy. But actually, they don’t want to stir any emotion at all, they don’t want any sympathy, understanding or a whirl of contempt…they just want to melt into the crowd, like one of us.

No…they don’t want a tag of victim or a survivor, they just want to lead a normal life of a normal person.

And this is the thing so beautifully conveyed by this commendable photo-shoot by Rahul Saharan, to show that beauty is NOT skin deep.

770570-889a1c20-2374-11e4-bee2-80d82dcd29df 140820114653-india-acid-model-1-story-top



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