The Non-VIPs on the Indian Roads


Dear Union Government,

While writing this, my left foot is almost paralysed because of the continual clutch-maneuvering to crawl my car through a jam-packed kilometer-stretch, which took me almost an hour. My left wrist is also in no good shape because of the constant gear changing and banging in frustration and let’s not talk about my vital signs. You talk about High-speed trains, world class infrastructure, technology, digitization, but before that, I desperately appeal, that you do something about our traffic and especially the torture of VIP MOVEMENTS which is faced by us almost every day.

Today, on my way to Ridge road from Delhi Cantt, I along with countless others was stuck in traffic because (as displayed by traffic police ad-hoc placards) there was an apparent VIP movement. Well I am not bothered to know who was the VIP, because it is one or other almost every other day and surprisingly all of you (the important people) happen to choose the very crucial hours in which people like me are struggling to reach their office in time and escape a pay-cut or red-circles. I wonder if anybody had any plane to catch today, or if somebody was ailing and requiring medical emergency, but none of us could do anything but just to bang our hand like I did. And on top of that three or four cars gave-in, adding further chaos. And I tell you it is no easy driving a car in high-heels, pressing A, B and C on and off (now please don’t suggest that I should wear sneakers to the office) and snaking it through the vehicles who are at kissing-distance from each other. I have simply learned to overlook the number of times other vehicles or my car is getting scratched or dented by fellow-vehicles .

Anyways, I presume that you are all a Union of very intelligent and highly capable individuals, that is why perhaps you gathered those precious votes out of people like us, who were almost born and brought up in the VIP movements, but still buried our frustrations and gave-in to your magical spells during elections….so you all must be very intelligent and skilled. But I really really wonder why then none of you could find a solution, why make us go through this misery every day. Now I don’t want to talk about the array of Fundamental/Constitutional Rights to prove that such traffic hold-ups are actually non-constitutional, no …I don’t want to raise any need for yet another Constitutional Amendment.

But I do have some humble requests to make, and I hope sincerely that you will give it some thought: Why don’t you restrict the VIP movements to few individual only? It will be really wise if high-density roads and peak hours are avoided for such movements. In fact a helicopter to ferry the VIPs will be a better option and I am sure the cost of this ‘luxury’ will be much cheaper than the amount of fuel and health ‘we’ are wasting while letting you elites pass-by (provided it is not ‘misused’).  And most importantly, when you are well aware of social-media, boons of SMS and all, then why not make use of it for a little public welfare. OK, there are some updates in newspapers and radio stations but many people like me are just so busy to notice it. So instead of surprising the commuter with a small placard on the Road, which reads: “SP Marg closed take Ridge Road”, why not start a dedicated messaging system which sends the traffic updates via SMS a little in advance, about which road will be closed, which one is under repair and where the traffic will be stalled. There are some more suggestions, some technical in nature, but I will leave that task to your concerned Ministries who have the best of the technology available to them and service of so highly capable individuals who have even mapped the road to the MARS.

And lastly, if it is not too much for you, please kindly send a public or a personal message to our bosses to not to mark a half-day for late-coming because we were serving the nation that day by protecting our Hon’ble First-Citizens against any possible security threats and letting the eminent-lot vroom-by as we stood there motion-less like a human-shield.

Sincerely Yours,

A Potential Voter


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