Emotional Fools


There is one secret weapon which has brought the downfall of many empires or built a many new nations or destroyed a hundreds of generation. From time immemorial the ‘clever few’ sought what they wanted using this lethal weapon – SENTIMENTS. Yes the sentiments, the emotions, the very essence that distinguishes us from the machines. Like Karl Marx said, ‘Religion is Opium of Masses’. And in the trance of this opium, hoards of humans crush their fellow-beings in name of holy war. This was the trick Allauddin Khilji used to create his mighty Delhi Sultanate riding over the religious zeal of his men. And this was the spark which ignited the Great Mutiny of 1857.

The age-old trick is not forgotten with time, it is still very much in use by those ‘clever-few’ to fulfill their various hidden but obvious motives. And with time our sentiments have grown stronger and stronger, be it religion, region, caste or gender, we are just too sentimental. Is that too difficult to understand who is gaining out of the mess which we create, burning our homes, our vehicles, our tax-money. A body is found cut to pieces and immediately we jump to the conclusion that it was a Dalit who was killed by a high-caste community. A girl innocently falls in love breaking the social barriers and immediately a personal emotion becomes a national sentiment with people holding rallies against a supposed ‘love-jihad’ …the moral bankruptcy of innocent but digressed young girls. Why blame the Government for that, we ourselves are to be blamed. The monsters of doubt, fragile tolerance, and fanaticism are hiding within us and that is why it needs just a faint whistle of manipulation and we start wagging our tail.

Are we that stupid not to see through this. It is always a rumour which starts this. A drunken brawl gets the paint of a religion, a casual affair becomes a jihad, and the list is endless. And who gains out of it. Not me, not you, not our neighbours, only those goons who took the opportunity to loot our shops, homes and the politicians who used the occasion to steal some media limelight and advertise their political ambitions free-of-cost. No, we cannot be that stupid, we are just too emotional and too careless, we prefer to watch the ‘Tamasha’ from a safe distance, prefer to stay indoors while roads become the death-grounds, prefer to wait for the moment when it is time for us to flee or stay hidden……and while we were busy doing nothing, these brave eunuchs in Trilokpuri in Delhi took the matter in their hand and confronted the goons.

According to Times of India, Oct 28, 2014, as a mob armed with swords and stones charged towards Block 35, the eunuchs stood at the entrance and threatened to start taking off their clothes if the angry men didn’t turn back. And the threat worked. They even cleaned the streets which were littered with stones and shards of glass. It is after all not that difficult to uphold your integrity, it just needs a realization of BEING HUMAN.


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