Forever Beautiful



Among a collection of the breathtaking pictures of the year 2014…these are the pics which have captured the moments beyond any words. They scream out to you, remind you once again of this heinous act of acid-attack and its aftermath. But at the same time it underlines the fact that ‘Beauty is not Skin Deep’ and no acid, or fire or a bullet can kill that innate human emotion…the beautiful moments when for a child her mother is her whole world and the moment when for a mother her child is the prettiest child in the whole world.

Somayeh Mehri (29) and Rana Afghanipour (3), the Iranian mother and daughter were attacked with acid by their husband/father in 2011 when Somayeh, who was frequently beaten by her husband, one day found the courage to ask for a divorce.     Somayeh was blinded and Rana lost one of her eyes.


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