Four wives

A man had four wives.

His fourth wife was the wisest of them all. Though she lacked the feminine charm, she knew very well how to control him without the bat of an eyelash. And because she was indispensable, the man would bribe her with expensive gifts now and then.

The third wife was the prettiest of them all and a distant cousin of the man. And so he knew that though at times it was difficult to handle her but he could not betray his own blood. Thus he would give her the largest share of monthly allowances, try to win her to his side by taking her along to all the fancy balls and shopping sprees.

The second wife was an adulteress with a questionable character. The man knew of her adventurous spirit but never thought of divorcing her because she was a trophy wife and a status symbol. His enemies were looking for an opportunity to use her against him. Thus he tried once in a while to keep her happy by occasional treats and long love letters full of love bites.

The first wife was the most diligent of them all. She kept fasts for the long life of her man. Hardly any money was spent by her in shopping, makeover, jewelry and that saving the man would take back from her and use it on his other wives. She slept on hard-floor, at times survived on nothing but the wild-berries. And when his other wives will become a nuisance, the man will beat his first wife mercilessly to make an example.  In spite of this, the first wife remained as devoted as ever. She would never bad mouth her husband and would even thrash those who spoke ill against him. The man even flaunted her loyalty to downsize his enemies because he knew that they didn’t have such loyal and submissive wife. At the same time he knew that he didn’t need to give her expensive gifts to keep her on his side because she was a religious and austere woman. Thus all he did was singing praises of his first wife in public (even when he was cutting down on her allowances one after another) and he even asked the other wives as well to write flattering letters to the first wife.

The man is the Government, fourth wife is Bureaucracy, third is Politicians, second is the Public, and first is Indian Army. And if you are thinking why the symbolism of Man and wife then yes you guessed it right: he is s******* them all.

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