Behind Enemy Lines: A woman’s survival guide

With hair tied up in a tight pony and baseball cap covering the delicate contours of my face, I sat down in the driver seat. A loose chequered shirt (borrowed from my husband) and jeans were doing a manageable task to hide my feminine curves.


Four wives

A man had four wives. His fourth wife was the wisest of them all. Though she lacked the feminine charm, she knew very well how to control him without the bat of an eyelash. And because she was indispensable, the man would bribe her with expensive gifts now and then. The third wife was the … Continue reading Four wives

Because It Matters

Social evils can only be uprooted SOCIALLY Not everyone has that courage or a motivation level to be an ardent activist. Frankly, we have plenty of excuses or ‘reasons’ to complaint but not to act. I still believe, even if not all of us are ready to march the street holding torchlight, still there is at least some way in which we can contribute, however little, for the betterment of the society.

Sabhyata Abhiyaan …

I don’t mind the dirty streets, dirty bus-stands and dirty police stations as long as they are safe….they are far better than the ‘clean’ surroundings where every second a woman/girl is either burnt/molested/raped/acid-attacked or abused. Kudos to Swachchata Abhiyaan, but what we need desperately is a nation-wide SABHYATA abhiyaan. # Burning of a girl student … Continue reading Sabhyata Abhiyaan …

Video Killed the Radio Star

I have often seen them, two quiet people, sitting together but not together. They no longer hold hands because they hold their oversized phones, their eyes no longer talk or reflect their deepest emotions because they are woozy with the glow of mobile phones. They no longer hug, they no longer fight, oh the curse of emoticons! now they don’t even write those love notes anymore.

Like a Soaring Kite

I long for those days when we rode crazily on slopes, eyes tightly shut, hands flying to the sides and nose sucking in the fresh air. We were like soaring kites and with every gush of wind our spirits rose higher and higher. ... Enough of caged-rides, be a soaring kite, and feel the wind beneath your wings. And as a popular TV Ad says, ‘why should boys have all the fun’.

The Non-VIPs on the Indian Roads

Dear Union Government, if it is not too much for you, kindly send a public or a personal message to our bosses to not to mark a half-day for late-coming because we were serving the nation that day by protecting our Hon’ble First-Citizens against any possible security threats and letting the eminent-lot vroom-by as we stood there motion-less like a human-shield.