What is in a Name

"This will prevent anyone stealing your things.” What my wise mother didn’t tell me that day was that it will prevent people from stealing my name. Because one day, when I am no longer there to tell my side of the story, the immortal utensils (like fossils), will prove my presence in some part of His-story to the future beings.


A Burden

Gupta uncle died two days back in his 1.75 crore 3BHK flat. He breathed his last in the company of four walls, choking on that fine linen which his departed wife had once matched so tastefully with the peach curtains. He was 85.

Because It Matters

Social evils can only be uprooted SOCIALLY Not everyone has that courage or a motivation level to be an ardent activist. Frankly, we have plenty of excuses or ‘reasons’ to complaint but not to act. I still believe, even if not all of us are ready to march the street holding torchlight, still there is at least some way in which we can contribute, however little, for the betterment of the society.

Sabhyata Abhiyaan …

I don’t mind the dirty streets, dirty bus-stands and dirty police stations as long as they are safe….they are far better than the ‘clean’ surroundings where every second a woman/girl is either burnt/molested/raped/acid-attacked or abused. Kudos to Swachchata Abhiyaan, but what we need desperately is a nation-wide SABHYATA abhiyaan. # Burning of a girl student … Continue reading Sabhyata Abhiyaan …