Emotional Fools

The monsters of doubt, fragile tolerance, and fanaticism are hiding within us and that is why it needs just a faint whistle of manipulation and we start wagging our tail.


The Non-VIPs on the Indian Roads

Dear Union Government, if it is not too much for you, kindly send a public or a personal message to our bosses to not to mark a half-day for late-coming because we were serving the nation that day by protecting our Hon’ble First-Citizens against any possible security threats and letting the eminent-lot vroom-by as we stood there motion-less like a human-shield.

Are Women a Different Species?

What is that ‘switch’ which transforms him from a human into a savage, which makes him take the risk of jail, take the risk of social banishment? Makes him commit a crime which is no less than cannibalism. Does he have a fetish for breasts and curves of a female figure? ......The issue is much bigger than a simple ‘urge’. Perhaps, we, women, are a different species. We have learnt to control our sexuality, learnt to control our dreams, learnt to talk less in public, learnt to behave civil.

The Sad need of Nirbhayas

It happened some 18 years back. A girl in her teens disappeared one fine day from her School hostel in Munnar in Kerala, in January 1996. Some 40 days later, she miraculously re-appeared in her father’s office, who was a postmaster. In these forty days she was raped by several men, including some of the … Continue reading The Sad need of Nirbhayas

And Here Comes The Bride

 She was dressed in a heavy bright-orange bridal lehanga; small drops of sweat beaded her forehead, more because of panic and less because of excitement.  The sight of women standing at the doorway of her new home, to welcome the newly wedded couple, further accentuated her fears. Taking small measured steps, keeping the head bowed … Continue reading And Here Comes The Bride